Why the Best Brands on Twitter are Successful


Twitter was at first designed for individuals. It was a place where people could share versions of their ideas and thoughts with the world. Different brands jumped on board as it grew in popularity and began using the Twitter platform to communicate with their consumers. Over the past decade, Twitter has grown to become a go-to platform for interacting with fans and increasing the exposure of their brands, whether tech brands or fashion brands.

Most of the brands that use Twitter trends analysis realize lots of success in promoting their content and products online. So, What does quality brand content look like on Twitter?

Listed are some of the top brands that are known of tweeting great content


JetBlue takes it all when it comes to brands that do it all! From their description on Twitter to their dedicated team of customer service professionals who answer every single question that is tweeted, JetBlue is known to go beyond their customer delight on Twitter.

Innocent Drinks

For a long time, we have all been admiring the Innocent Drinks for their lovable branding. They will always stay far away from advertising their products though they might be a juice and smoothie brand. Most of their posts on social media are not about smoothies or drinks. Instead, Innocent Drinks usually use the social media to foster their witty, silly, creative and fun brand personality. Speaking to the audience during an interview, Helena Langdon the community manager revealed that they are always interested in telling people about Innocent Drinks in the most interactive way possible.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

The Major League Baseball refers to a complex system of trades, teams, players, statistics and much more. The Major League Baseball have done a great job by segmenting the various parts of the game into different Twitter handles instead of housing all the activities in a single Twitter handle. The Major League Baseball will always list all their Twitter affiliates in their cover photos.

DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza has grown to become one of the strangest and funniest brands you can always follow on Twitter. Most of its tweets are about pizza though they are never in a promotional way you would expect. Their tweets are about the funny odes to pizza, and some still have the same erratic voice and same craze they used in live tweeting.

General Electric

The items General Electric sells such as electronics, appliances, lighting, etc. never have a great appeal as pizza does. However, that does not mean that their tweets are unappealing. The General Electric lives in the innovation and technology brand analysis on the Twitter world, a place where most of the firms resort to using technology brand analysis on twitter  for promoting their contents and themselves. It is where General Electric manages to differentiate itself in the tech world on Twitter. They have discovered a perfect balance of authenticity and leadership. General Electric uses Twitter to educate their followers and fans what they are doing. They are great in breaking down the complicated terminology and concepts into simple and understandable language.

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