Why Would Vidmate Never Disappoint its Users?


It is an amazing application that would never leave you craving for any videos or movies. The application is a bridge between you and endless variety that is present in the realm of videos and movies.

Whether you talk about quality, variety, ease of use, efficiency or features; you would find it all in the realm of this android based application. This third-party application has truly won the hearts with its exciting features. Vidmate 2018 is absolutely free application and you can find abundance of content through this platform.

All the movies and videos

Yes, the application boasts that it can take you to all the videos and movies that you want to watch or download. The secret behind such a confidence is the connectivity that this app has. The application is linked up with myriad of top-class platforms to get you the videos and movies that are therein. Through this app, you can find videos and movies from different platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and YouTube and so on. In this way you would have all the content that you might desire for. Whether old movies, latest releases or videos getting viral; you have everything on your fingertips.

Free application with best speed

You would not have to pay anything when you install this application. The app is free and never charge its users. Moreover, the speed of this application is twofold times better than all its counterparts. Once you explore even the premium and highly priced applications, you would find those applications slower than this one. The developers of this application have ensured that the mobile data plan users to have a buffer-less experience. They have used such techniques that the application runs on the topmost possible speed of the user’s networker provider.

Formats that you desire

Come on, you always crib that you do not have the videos in the formats that you want them to be in. well, this application eliminates all those issues and get you an amazing and contenting experience with its variety of format options. You can easily and swiftly get the formats of your choice like MP4, 3Gp, FLV, AVI and so on. You would always get the formats that are supported by your mobile phone or device.

Resolutions of your preference

Indeed, do you want to get the resolutions that you want? Well, this application not just gets you an access to endless videos and movies but also ensure that you get to watch them in the resolution of your choice. You can find all the content in HD resolution. Moreover, you can also find different other resolutions too. In this way, even if you are using a normal cell phone, you might be impressed with the resolution of this app.

Pause and resume

The app also has pause and resume feature. It means you can always pause the movie downloading in-between if you have something else to do urgently. You can later on resume the downloading procedure where you left it.


Thus, you must give a try to this amazing and free of cost application. It has immense variety for you to explore and enjoy.

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