WiFi Connected but no Internet Connection? Consider applying these Troubleshooting Tips


It is often frustrating and confusing moment when you are connected to WiFi and disconnected from the internet. Past few years ago, we have encountered issues related to WiFi, but the only solution to get rid of this problem instantly is Linksys Extender Setup.

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But, before anything else we would like to ask you a question that what suppose to be the reasons behind such annoying and brain-teasers issues? There would be many, but some of them are mentioned below.

  • Use of an old and outdated router, modem and dusty, damaged Ethernet cable.
  • Interference of third-party metal, electronic, Bluetooth, and WiFi devices.
  • Different between router and the Linksys range extender.

So, if you want to fix internet related issues, try some tested options given below.

  1. Fix Internet Related Issues: Start With WiFi Router

To detect router problems, connect other WiFi devices like mobile phone and see whether it is working properly or not. In case the internet is working fine on them, that means the problem lies with the device and its adapter. If the internet is not working on other devices too, then it is crystal clear that the problem is with your existing router.

The only way to fix this issue is to choose another place for it that supposed to be away from interference creating obstruction and WiFi devices. Another way is to restart your device. Last but not the least, update it with the latest version of technology or consider buying a new one.

In case your modem and router are separate, then:

  • Turn both your devices off.
  • Wait for five minutes and restart your modem first.
  • After 1-2 minutes restart your router.
  • If you found that your devices are overheated, then do not restart them until and unless they are completely cool.

The aforementioned solution will definitely fix issues related to your router.

  1. Issues Related to your Internet Connection

Mostly, WiFi connected but no internet connection error may be with your internet only. Well, this could be due to service disruptions, broken cable, or anything else that isn’t in your control. Internet connection not working would be a reason that wouldn’t allow you to connect with Linksys extender setup-xxx.

On the other hand, it is important to know the main reason behind this brain teaser issue. You can also verify this by verifying the LED lights on the modem and the router are properly blinking DSL lights supposed to be turned on.

If the issue still persists, then call our technical support team immediately.

  1. Issues with your Wired or Wireless Devices

When other WiFi devices are able to access the internet via WiFi, then the issues lies with your device and the WiFi adapter.

To fix this issue:

  • Shut down your Device.
  • Wait for two minutes.
  • Restart it.

In case, it doesn’t fix your problem, then

  • Open up a desktop or a laptop.
  • Right-click on the network icon in the task tray at the right-hand (bottom) corner.
  • Hit on ‘troubleshooting problems’.
  • This will automatically attempt to diagnose the problem and to fix issues for you instantly.
  • If this process is also unable to fix the issue, then Linksys setup extender would be the best option.

How to Setup a Linksys Range Extender

Linksys range extenders can easily be set up using the manual steps or the installation CD. The CD comes with every model of the Linksys device when purchase. It also includes the detailed steps that would help you in the installation process. If you don’t have the CD, don’t worry and go with the manual configuration. Here’s the process of Linksys Extender Setup via manual configuration:

  • Unbox your range extender carefully.
  • Plug it into the wall socket nearby the existing router.
  • Wait for the LED lights on it start blinking.
  • Turn on your laptop or computer.
  • Pull up a web browser.
  • Type linksys.com in the address bar.
  • Hit Enter. Linksys Extender Login screen will appear on the home screen of your computer or laptop.
  • Here, you will be prompt to fill in the default login details.
  • Hit the Login button. After that, select manual option from the new screen pop-up.
  • Fill the security settings for your range extender and keep following the on-screen instructions.

If you still have question and queries left, ask us via comment section given below.

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