Working With Images In WordPress


Images are a big part of every website. The visual part of the Internet matters a lot, and luckily, WordPress already comes with lots of cool stuff to manage and handle your images. But, some of you may not know about these things, if you have just been starting out on WordPress. So, we are going to talk a little about uploading images to your WordPress posts and articles.

How do you upload images to WordPress?

You can simply use the media uploader. It is very easy, because you just have to insert the image you desire into the article you are writing, and it can be done in a very direct way using the media uploader. Also, you don’t have to insert into the text immediately. You can just add them to the media uploader, and then use them later, in a different article. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are uploading a bunch of different images, you can make a gallery, and really create some wonderful things using different gallery plugins in WordPress.

It is also possible to very simply align images in your WordPress. If you want to wrap a text around some images that are smaller, you can do that very easily just by using the align feature. Just choose how the image will be aligned when you upload it, and do that before you actually put in the article.

Another thing that is cool about the image features in WordPress is the ability to add captions below the images you insert into your posts. After you have uploaded the desired image, in the media uploader, you will find the option to add caption. You just have to write the caption inside the given editor, and the caption you have written in it will appear as a caption on the photo in your post. It is very simple and you won’t have any trouble finding your way with it.

What happens if something goes wrong you are faced with having to fix missing post thumbnails? If that happens to you, edit the post that has the missing thumbnail, and then go down and find the image meta box. After you have done that, you should click on the link that says set featured image to upload the thumbnail of your post.

Is it possible to set a default featured image in WordPress? Yes, it actually is. When you are writing certain articles it is possible that you don’t want a featured image. But, leaving a post without a featured image won’t look very good, and that is why you can set a default featured image. You will have to manually add code into the functions.php file of your theme, or you can do it the simpler way, just by getting a plugin that will allow you to do that. Either way is fine, it is just something that depends on you which one you find easier and better for your posts on your WordPress website.

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