5 Trending Startups That Keep Pace With Digital Transformation


The pandemic shook the foundation of businesses. Whatever business you might think of creating, it has to be online. The startups are now based on the principle of less space and more digitization. If you want to start a business with a digital transformation strategy, you must invest in a small core team and check out desktop computers for sale.

Startups are all about change. Even if you’re building your own, it’s crucial to find out who your competitors are. Here are the top five startups that you must watch out for:

1. Quell

Combining the passion for fitness and gaming, Quell brings resistance-based fitness gaming. It’s based on the idea of people not enjoying fitness. Due to this reason, they give up very quickly. Gaming, on the other hand, is popular amongst many. Its performance-oriented structure allows for better interest in the activity.

It allows you to get a full-body workout through various punching exercises. The idea is futuristic, where you interact with virtual reality to play games where you have to complete tasks by literally working for it. The immersive game contains challenges, rewards, and enemies that provide for an incredible adventure. You burn more calories, and your workout will be tracked along with endurance and speed. This changes how you see fitness. Now, exercise doesn’t have to be boring after all.

2. Omnipresent

Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen an immense shift of focus on remote working. Earlier businesses ran away from the idea of remote working as they thought it would be detrimental to productivity. But now, everyone knows better as it proved to be the savior of economies. This is where omnipresent comes in. It’s an online platform that makes remote hiring a piece of cake.

They take care of benefits, payroll, taxes, and compliance, so businesses are only focused on work and growth. It’s active in 143 countries, where it brings in talent to have them work remotely for different companies. Imagine a world where you don’t have to go to work. Omnipresent in front of making that a reality. As more and more businesses are going remote first, it’s a significant step towards helping employers and employees make hiring easy.

3. Fathom

Analyzing data is one of the top priorities in business these days. With people doing everything online, it only makes sense to use the data to make better decisions. Google Analytics is the first tool that comes to mind when analyzing all the data. But this is where Fathom comes in. It is an excellent alternative to Google Analytics as you won’t have to deal with pages and pages of raw data.

With sophisticated UX and UI design, Fathom allows for a better understanding of all the reports. It’s easy to work with and has a dashboard fully optimized for your business needs. The most remarkable element of Fathom has to be privacy. With crucial data online, privacy is one of the main concerns. Fathom promises data protection like no other application out there. It’s truly the next best thing after Google Analytics.

4. Artify

For all the talented designers out there, Artify brings a lightning-fast designing option that allows them to finish their tasks in no time. It makes designing fun for anyone, even with no experience. The wide range of templates serves as a road map to create beautiful graphics easily.

You can create social media posts, posters, and even website graphics as everything is so handy. It’s a vast library with tons of illustrations that you can use to build any art you’d like. With thousands of patterns, photos, graphics, and abstract shapes all in one place, you won’t need a degree in design to create a masterpiece.

5. Hopin

Due to the pandemic, a lot of events were shifted online. You might also have attended a few. The problem with them is that they hard to navigate through and clunky in general. The purpose of an event is to enjoy and have a good time, but it was challenging with the traditional method. So Hopin comes to the rescue.

It contains everything needed for a bang on an event like a chat room, auditorium, guest speakers, and much more. This event organizing platform connects people from all over the globe. This method of conducting events is environmentally friendly and saves a lot of money. It’s really the start of a new world.

All these startups are based on digitization and tackle the need of the hour. Virtual reality is influencing many businesses as customers demand interactive alternatives. As most daily tasks and entertainment move online, it’s important to have platforms that cater specifically to those requirements. They are on the verge of changing the normal. All these startups have tons of subscribers who’ve already joined the cause.

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