What Is Traffic Arbitrage? The Basics Explained


Want to earn money buying and reselling traffic? You’re thinking of traffic arbitrage.

So, what really does this entail? How do you make the most of it? And is traffic arbitrage still worth the investment in 2021?

We address all the basics in this article!

Let’s get started by taking a look at important definitions.

What Is Traffic Arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage involves the purchase of traffic at a relatively low amount, for the reselling or redistribution of this traffic on your own blog or website. You would have to use the traffic generated by someone else.

In order to be successful as a traffic reseller or arbitrage specialist, you would have to find the right type of traffic, for the right amount, sourced from the right place. Here are some terms worth familiarizing yourself with, to truly understand the practice.

  • An arbitrage specialist is someone who helps find traffic for a particular source
  • An advertiser is the final recipient of the traffic who sells advertisement services
  • An affiliate program can involve the collaboration of both, an advertiser and an arbitrage specialist
  • A CPA network can serve as a mediator between the two collaborators, ensuring that traffic and revenue is monitored and appropriately distributed between the two

Arbitrage services are in popular demand, allowing advertisers and ultimately brands, access to a host of new customers and clients.

Making Money

As an arbitrage specialist, there are a few ways for you to make money. You have to choose a model that works best for the kind of traffic you are able to source.

Through the pay-per-click model, you earn rewards every time a user clicks on the relevant link. The amount earned per click is fairly insignificant, so you’ll need a large number of clicks before you begin to see bigger returns on your investment.

Pay-per-action will earn you money or rewards every time a user takes action. This could involve the download of certain materials, making a purchase, or subscribing to something. To find the success you need to ensure a strong call-to-action.

Cost-per-mille involves earning revenue after a certain milestone of views has been reached for a particular advertisement. The limit could be set at a thousand views or more, depending on your program.

Cost-per-sale is perhaps the most profitable model for an arbitrage specialist. Here you earn commission on every purchase made through an advertisement link.

Find Your Success

It takes a fair bit of practice and research to earn revenue through traffic arbitrage. However, if you do find something that clicks, the sky’s the limit, as far as your earnings are concerned.

Be sure to do your research, and start by making small investments to understand how the system can work for you.

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