How to Start a Personal Training Business from Home


You will need to decide whether you want to go to the gym or others’ home gym spaces to train people or whether you have sufficient space at home to set up a cogent home gym that can then be used to train others. Once you have had this discussion and decided what type of personal training you want to do, it will be much easier to determine how to achieve the end goal.

The Business Will Need to Be Registered

Although many people start informally and only think about registration when they have a decent client list, the best advice is to register the business before you have anyone in your gym or instruct anyone at their own home gyms. You will likely need some public liability insurance and medical emergency care. Accidents in the gym are few and far between if the equipment is used correctly, but you’re best off being covered for any eventualities and this will mean registering the business, or as self-employed, and then sorting the requisite insurances.

Build a Brand

Whether you intend to make this your main form of income or it’s your side hustle for the weekends and evenings, you will still need to build a brand to entice clients and build the business. Set up a social media page on an appropriate platform for the target audience that you are looking for. Then, ensure that you can communicate what you do and why they would find benefit in working with you to achieve their own fitness and health goals.

Perfect the Type of Exercise and ‘Gym’ That You Do

You need to be incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, as well as the type of exercise that you instruct and assist with. If you are a calorie buster, then ensure that you know the jargon and the latest fads, as well as the sure-fire ways to lose weight and gain lean muscle. There are many variants of weight training and the mix of cardio and weights for strength can be done in hugely interesting and varied ways. From HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training) to advanced cable machines and resistance exercises with bands, you will need to identify a niche and perfect the type of exercise that you do and offer to teach to others.

Ensure That You Have Access to the Right Exercise Equipment and Tools

If you’re going to use your own home gym and invite your clients in, then you need to have the best professional home gym set up that you can afford. It needs to be clean and well-maintained. Alternatively, if you’re coaching and training others at an outside gym, ensure that they have the machines and equipment that your specific sessions require.

Starting a home business in any field is challenging, and fitness training will be no different. You will need to have a demonstrated knowledge of the types of fitness you plan to coach and live this way of life to make the business a success. These simple tips should have provided some food for thought and insights as to how you can get started as a personal trainer.

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