What is a proxy for?



Providing a gateway to web services, placing content closer to an audience, or providing anonymity are just some of the uses of proxy servers. Today, the owners, users of online games, SMM, web-scraping pros and gamblers most often resort to such technologies. On the site proxy-seller.com you can test premium dedicated proxies for free.

What you need to know about technologyProxies offer standalone proxy functionality or integrate with other services. The test was limited to validating relay services and evaluating the installation and configuration process, system requirements, and management tools.

Software that is a combination of Squid code and many advanced features developed by the manufacturer and a graphical interface that runs in a web browser.

The site provides detailed proxy configuration and makes it easy to use Squid features that are difficult for people not very familiar with Linux.

Reports are also a big plus of this software.

It should also be added that it is the fastest growing of the tested products, although it cannot yet be considered the leader.

It is an extensive dedicated proxy server offering many configuration options. Having an already established position in the market, proxies are very widely used. However, it does not have a built-in user interface by itself, and many features can be customized using customization tools prepared by third-party developers.

Service Provider OfferThe service offers very good monitoring, reporting and customization mechanisms. The interface is incredibly user-friendly, paying more attention to the proposed functions, a lot of advantages can be noted. It turns out that putting the settings on one page makes it easier to set up the software for the first time and optimize features. The reporting functionality is expandable for both predefined reports and those that are created according to your needs.

The server is part of a larger open source project that includes the mail server, SMTP, and the us programming matrix. The system requirements are not exorbitant two processors and 2.5 GB of RAM. Currently, the services provided meet the expectations of customers in full.

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