Travel the World with VOIZ- Work from Home CX Jobs


Are you a seasoned CX executive constantly on the lookout for opportunities? Or are you a fresher looking to jumpstart your career? No matter what qualifications you hold or which part of the country you reside in if you have the will to work, VOIZ has a CX job for you! VOIZ is an online customer experience-centric marketplace that connects organizations looking to outsource their customer experience functions to individuals that match the skill requirement.

The pandemic struck year made the entire world shift to a work from home setup. As much as we missed the hustle and bustle of a corporate environment, the remote set-up allowed one to reduce a significant part of our expenditure and build our savings. VOIZ, by offering only remote-jobs, allows you to experience this benefit throughout. You can work from the comfort of your homes or while on vacation to your favorite destination on the hills. When you work as an agent with VOIZ, the platform allows you the flexibility to work from the place of your choice as long as you meet the set targets.

Listing oneself on the platform as an agent is an extremely simple procedure. All one needs to do is fill up the sign-up form on the website and enter the necessary details asked for. You do not require to make any sort of payment to register yourself on the platform. Once registered, individuals can start looking for jobs that pique their interest. Even with basic educational qualifications and skillsets one can become a CX agent and earn through VOIZ.

An agent listed on the platform requires only 3 things- a stable internet connection, a mobile phone, and a laptop to work remotely. Based on the level of skills in customer support or telesales — starter to expert then VOIZ has a role for you in the organization best suited for your profile. Agents are selected for the role after careful screening and a thorough interview conducted by the companies who have posted their projects at VOIZ which the agent will be working for. Once selected, an agent has to go through a training period wherein he/she is briefed about what the project is all about and what are the expectations the organization has from them.

VOIZ offers gigs/projects to the agents. They can be short-term in nature or continuous and ongoing therefore allows the CX agents the freedom to choose 4 hour based slots on the days of their choice at their convenience. One can choose more than one slot in a day too. An agent can also associate themselves with multiple organisations at the same time by working multiple shifts at a go. The platform also offers ongoing jobs to agents. They are similar to a full-time employment opportunity with 8 hours of work. These projects are 100% remote in nature and vary only in terms of the earning potential and the type of project you choose. List yourself as an agent with VOIZ today and start your journey as a customer experience executive.

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