Biggest UX Issues Concerning Websites


For those that are having a problem with the term UX, let us say that it stands for User Experience. So, this is an article on what people hate when accessing a webpage and try to navigate through it.

1. Speed

Nothing annoys so much as a page that is loading forever. It appears to be working but it takes so long that you eventually give up and close the window.

There are many reasons why pages load slowly. From too many images to lousy hosting service. You can find lots of different tests online to see if your site is loading below the average and see if you actually lose clients because of it. Here’s a link of how to improve the speed.

When you find the problem make sure you resolve it fast because every second with a non-functioning site or a site that loads slowly is a time in which you’re losing customers and money.

2. Pop-ups

Even though pop-ups can be really helpful for getting more users like your pages on social networks or make them register on your webpage, it is still something that annoys people a lot. Even the ones that appear when you point your mouse on the X to close the page. And they are so popular right now.

The point is, if you can do without them, it’s better that way. The people building your page might be fascinated by the coolness of some plugin, but don’t listen to their advice and take that pop-up out of your page because with it you’re just losing customers.

3. Design

The design speaks about the business. It creates a message to the visitors. Graphic and web designers must work together in order to create a functioning, modern, and appealing website. It takes a whole team of people that understand what is doing. See an example of such a team here:

If you make a page that is not user-friendly a lot of people will have a hard time going through the menus and reading the content. And why would someone come to your part of the internet? To read what you have to say about your business. If the user can’t do that, they will leave and will probably never come back.

4. Links and pages

Today’s marketers understand how important is have links and backlinks here and there. One of the oldest and still popular ways to keep the visitor on your page is to offer links that lead to another part of the webpage. However, if these links are broken, you’ll miss a lot of points.

Also, a lot of people will come to your site through search engines and third parties. If links that are available somewhere else, but are broken on your page, annoys people so much that the second time they come across your link, they simply won’t click it.

5. Commercials

Commercials and marketing are some of the main reasons why the internet exists today in the first place. Everyone benefits from it, but when people surf the internet they get so frustrated when the content they are interested in gets polluted with commercials.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the pop-up scheme we mentioned previously or is simply the flashing “buy me” commercials on the side, it’s something that drives people off your web space. We understand that selling is a top priority but you have to make a good marketing and appealing ratio to keep the visitors where they are and make them interested to what you have to tell them through your content. If you still decide to go with this idea, try and do something like this:


So, having a slow and poor-looking page with lots of commercials and pop-ups where people click on links that don’t exist is probably the best chance to run for the worst webpage in the world. On the other hand, a sharp and fast loading one that offers exactly what was promised before the user click is exactly what everyone is looking for.

If you’re about to hire a UX professional, expect to hear these issues. A better solution is to try and fix these things now, and if you still face problems, then look for a person that will tell you more secrets.

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