Know the Various Kinds of Projectors – A Guide on Buying Projectors


Projectors are devices that allow you to project an image from your laptop or computer on to a screen in the front. Projectors are usually used by various people presenting something or they are used at movie halls. If you are planning to buy a projector, it is important to know about them thoroughly. In this article, we will talk about the various kinds of projectors and what should be looked in a projector.

Know the kinds of projectors

There are three kinds of projectors. They are –

  • Home theatre projectors – This projector can enlarge an image to 36 times, which is far more than a 50-inch television. It is advisable for the people watching crucial football matches or movies.
  • Business projectors – They provide a brighter image display and they are usually used by the school teachers or corporate employees to review a presentation. These projectors are also compact.
  • Pico projectors – These are usually pocket-sized projectors which are used to target a smaller group of people. They are used by people organizing movie nights or special presentations.

What to look for in a projector?

The features of a projector that must be checked out are –

  • Resolution – While buying a projector, it is important to check if the resolution is correct or not. Higher the resolution, higher the quality of the picture will be projected.
  • Lens zoom – A projector that you are planning to buy should have a lens zoom feature, as many a times you will not be able to move it around to adjust the presentation on the screen. However, it can be done by adjusting zoom.
  • Brightness – Brightness is the most important feature. It is important to compare the white brightness and colour brightness to know which one you like the most.

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