PlayStation 4 Slim review: Wait for the PS4 Pro if you can


Sony’s Playstation 4 Slim 500GB console with DualShock 4 controller generated lots of buzz this year as some said it edged out Xbox One as the best gaming system reboot.  Sony really listened to the consumers who asked for more compatible features, ease of use and intuitive interface and by all accounts they delivered.   This system will continue to dominate the home entertainment center with its slim design, music and video streaming services, Blu-ray playing and connections to social media.  It reaches further into the digital universe but is packed into a console that’s 30% smaller.  It’s also more energy efficient using 28% less power than before.  Gamers will love the responsive control of the wireless DualShock 4 controller that speeds you pass scene after scene when you’re searching for an crucial moment in a film, or action game.  The larger pad is more comfortable on long play.

Another neat feature is the intuitiveness built into the system.  As your use the PS4, it learns your likes and preferences and will highlight relevant content.   Available apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu and Spotify keep your whole family entertained for hours when it’s time to put the games to rest.

With the holidays bearing down on us, having a Sony Playstation 4 on the list as a gift the whole family will enjoy makes lots of sense.  Concerned about the cost?  There’s a discount for that.  Just check the great deals on Groupon that have gaming systems, accessories and so much more at deeply discounted prices.  There’s no coupons to clip and save, no hidden codes or secret handshakes needed to take advantage of these great prices, either.  You simply apply the discount when you shop, which you can do right from your smartphone or other mobile devise, and wait for the package to be delivered.  And with free shipping on orders over $35, your savings will quickly add up.   Video games are trending as the hot gift in the electronics category this year. Just imagine the look on the family’s faces when they unwrap this beauty.

Rather than running here and there trying to find individual gifts for everyone in the family, buy a Playstation 4 that everyone will love.  And save money in the process with Groupon.

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