Since When Do 3D Printers Actually Exist?


We have heard a lot of chatter about 3D printers since the mid 2000s. But the concept for this technology was first talked about by Dr. Hideo Kodama of Japan in 1981 in the report that got published. But in 1984, Charles Hull created 3D models of objects which are tangible in nature, utilizing digital data. This was called Stereolithography. This was a new revelation in the printing technology sphere. It was new and people were just discovering the concept and many uses of 3D printing when in 1999, there was a successful implantation of a 3D printed organ. It was widely being understood that this technology could benefit many other industries too.  People had understood the concept and the price of making these printers were coming down drastically. The idea of commercializing these printers was taking shape. During mid 2000s, they were also introduction of various filaments which could be used as a filament except soft plastic. There were starting to be sold commercially. Shortly, Darwin was introduced to the world in 2008 which is a printer that can self replicate. But today we have come a long way since their introduction. You can check out the various types of printers available in best cheap 3D printer 2018 lists all over the internet.

All Industries Can Be Affected By a 3D Printer?

The industries which this technology has touched are rapid prototyping, agile tooling, research, food, apparel, firearms, robots, space, pills medical devices, education, 3D pictures, environment, and bio-printing to name a few. There are proving to be a boon in the defense sector too. There is ongoing research and printing of small yet undetectable arms for more security for the countries. It is also being used by hobbyists for art, object printing and learning. The objects which are printed are very helpful towards education of kids as seeing something in real life is more impressionable than listening. There are talks about building printers that can build infrastructure in space for humans to stay. The manufacturing industry has been positively affected as there are many parts and small things which are printed in half the time they take to be made. Who would’ve have thought that we can print food? There are different types of printers which use different filaments based on the object you are targeting to make. They come in various prices and each has their own characteristics. You can find the best cheap 3D printer 2018 list on various technology buffed websites. These printers also print coral type structures with a sandstone type material for helping corals ploys to cultivate the damaged reefs. Fashion designers are also experimenting with 3D printed clothing which could be the next ‘It’ thing. In the sphere of bio technology they have been experimenting with tissue fabrication and 3D printing of that is being made possible. Also, in addition to making such a difference in these fields, they print the object at half of the time it would have been taken to produce it. They have been a boon all industries imaginable.

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