Top-5 Sales Management Softwares or How to Master the Art of Selling


In this article, we’d like to introduce you the best sales management softwares designed to meet the needs of different industries and companies of any sizes.

If your business generates revenue, sales management should be a matter of course. It’s crucial for modern organizations to boost their sales performance, irrespective of their size and industry area. Sales management systems let enterprises develop their sales force, coordinate all the sales operations and implement a number of new techniques that will help them consistently achieve and even surpass their sales targets. Moreover, the software of the kind allows businesses to stay in suit with their industry and to adhere to the existing norms and regulations. In many cases, it means the difference between surviving and flourishing.

Today, we’d like to introduce you the best software for sales management designed to meet the needs of different industries. Take time to see who makes our top-five list – and you will have no troubles with choosing the most suitable platform for your business.

  1. Bpm’online

It is one of the best CRM products offering users a variety of tools for connecting the dots between marketing, sales and service. With bpm’online, you will be able to manage the whole customer journey, control your orders and invoices, forecast clients’ behavior, automate the document flow and perform a number of other missions.

Key product strengths:

  • You will be able to close more sales. The system provides a 360° view of every client, a user-friendly calendar for planning your work and a powerful contract database. All this empowers businesses to build an effective sales workforce and increase customer retention.
  • You will improve client satisfaction. Bpm’online is the best sales management software for those who want to have all the relevant customer information in a single database and answer purchasers’ requests right then and there.
  • You will generate more leads. The product offers users a number of customer segmentation tools and helps organizations generate more leads without any extra effort. With bpm’online, you will easily track and analyze your website behavior and communicate with potential customers directly from the system.
  1. SalesNOW

It is an online sales software designed for small, medium and large organizations that need a user-friendly and affordable mobile and online platform for boosting sales. This system makes the company’s sales team more productive, eliminates the gap between the firm’s stuff and its buyers and increases the level of customer satisfaction.

What we like about the product:

  • SalesNOW lets enterprises customize all the sales stages and organize relevant information in a single database. Using this platform, you can easily share all the necessary data with your team, add new custom fields and track the actions of every sales manager.
  • With SalesNOW, you will know your clients inside and out, as all the details of customer interactions will be accumulated in a centralized system. All the member of your team will have free access to this database, wherever and whenever they need it.
  • This sales management software offers a variety of tools for the immediate mobile mapping, seamless email integration and synchronization of the company’s software with the new system.
  1. Commence

It is a popular CRM product built to meet the needs of small and midsize organizations. Commence features a number of modules, such as marketing automation, lead management, service desk functionality, project management, reporting and so on.

Key advantages of the product:

  • Its dashboard shows real-time data associated with the company’s deals, including clients’ emails, new leads, alerts, etc. Using this tool, your sales reps will always see up-to-date sales activities and instantly respond to buyers’ requests.
  • With this sales management software, you’ll be able to manage the entire sales cycle, monitor and schedule the team’s appointments and to-dos, record interactions with clients and generate forecasts and reports in a real-time mode.
  • The system has a variety of pre-built templates, which help organizations launch targeting campaigns and analyze their response rate and revenue. It is a perfect opportunity for you to approach your target audience with a minimum expense.
  1. Dapulse

It is a smart collaboration app that helps the company’s sales teams work in sync. This sales software is focused, first of all, on discussions and contributions; it keeps all the members of the company on the same page, so that they could ensure the highest-level performance.

The benefits of the software:

  • The key feature of Dapulse is that it displays the company’s progress in a comprehensive manner. You will always see the efficiency of certain operations and the progress of separate salesmen.
  • With this solution, you get a perfect opportunity to manage your time and visualize your plans in the real-time mode. The system will instantly show you who of the stuff is busy at the moment and whether you are meeting all of your deadlines.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard in which one can easily add dew tasks and missions, assign teammates to specific projects, see the exact status of current processes, etc.
  1. LevelEleven

It is a popular software for sales management based on a gamification approach. The system helps sales managers easily determine consumer behavior factors and set different goals to motivate the stuff. With LevelEleven, you’ll be able to generate more sales and therefore increase ROI.

What we find interesting about the platform:

  • The system lets businesses drive revenue through a metrics-driven method of selling. Your team will have an excellent visibility into what really matters.
  • This sales management software helps users engage their employees in the right behavior and shorten decision-making period.
  • The intellectual tools of LevelEleven let specialists collaborate around the best sales practices and thus create a culture of performance.
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