Why You Should Consider a Career in Cyber Security


If you’re thinking of switching jobs or starting a career in the tech industry, you may want to consider cyber security as a potential path. These days, companies can’t keep up with all the cyber threats and hacks, but they need to protect their internal data and their customer’s personal information. Here are four reasons why a career in cyber security might be a good move.

1. Attacks Are Increasing

Cyber criminals are getting smarter and braver. They’re branching out and increasing their attacks on everyday transactions such as credit card payments and ATM withdrawals. The more accessible and integrated everyday technology becomes, the further the hackers can infiltrate personal and business devices and steal all the information they desire. Since they don’t show any signs of slowing down, there is a great need to combat threats and develop impenetrable protection against theft, fraud, and destruction.

2. All Industries Need Help

Whether you prefer to work in health care, finance, or government, there’s a cyber security position available in every industry. Any company, government entity, or nonprofit organization that collects, transfers, and stores information online needs to protect their sensitive data. Names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, email accounts, and passwords must be protected to ensure the safety of the company, customers, and citizens.

You can bet that city, state, and federal government agencies are always in need of cyber security experts who can prevent attacks and remove threats before they become catastrophes. You can typically find work in intelligence, foreign affairs, or within a military branch, so long as you can acquire top-secret clearance and meet the employment qualifications.

3. There’s a Shortage of Experts

Despite the fact that cyber threats are common and well-known, there aren’t enough professional cyber security experts to fill all the jobs on the market. This lack of employees means there’s less competition and lower barriers to entry. If you’re seriously considering a change in career or looking for a jump start in the technical industry, cyber security is wide open and ready to hire.

4. Income Potential Is High

Cyber security is a lucrative job, and the demand for quality professionals continues to rise. You can expect to see a 37-percent increase in cyber security experts by 2022. Salaries start around $70,000, and those with advanced education often earn over $100,000 annually. Check out the MVU online resource page for more statistics about potential income and job market growth.

5. Companies Aren’t Prepared

You’d think that companies would take extra precautions against cyber attacks since so much of business is conducted online. The truth is, however, that companies aren’t adequately prepared to handle threats. The internet moves fast, and so do malicious hackers. Companies are having a hard time keeping up with the latest threats and risks. They need experts who can prevent, troubleshoot, and mitigate attacks around the clock and face the ever-changing cyberspace. To learn more, click here for an infographic that summarizes current business trends.

An Ace in the Hole

With low competition, high-income potential, steady job growth, and continuous demand, cyber security is definitely a field to consider. Think about your skills, qualifications, interests, and whether you’re up for facing some of the world’s smartest criminals.

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