Are the Apple Airpods Worth Buying?


Apple’s Airpods are becoming more and more common. They were originally released with a lot of bravado, as people clambered to get a hold of them.  But, we at thought we would take a closer look at the features and performance of these Airpods to see if they really are the best wireless earbuds for sale.

The quality of the build of the headphones is of course excellent. What else would you expect from Apple? Although the product and the accompany case are indeed made of plastic, it still feels like a quality product when you hold it. The Airpods themselves are comparitively lightweight and sturdy, allowing them to be rugged and portable.

Apple recently gave the Airpods a bit of an update after giving them a complete hardware refresh. This has certainly improved them from the first version.

The new version of the Airpods look broadly similar to the first version. This will probably mean that if you had trouble with the fit of the first version, you will likely have the same problem with the second version. This will mean you will need to make use of the gels to ensure a snug and secure fit.

The bottom of the case that comes with the Airpods offers a lightning port for charging. This lighting port occasionally flashes green. There is also a button for Bluetooth and the back. We loved the magnets of the Airpods. This is what sets them apart from the rest, keeping the Airpods safe and secure by ensuring they don’t fall out.

What is more, with the 2019 version of the AirPods, it is the first time where you have the option to make use of a wireless charging case. This means the Airpods are compatible with Qi wireless charging pads. This is a nice feature to have. But for this, you will need to pay an additional $50, so you will need to ask yourself the question whether in fact this added payment is indeed worth it.

In terms of sound, while not quite as good as over the ear headphones, they are excellent for earbuds. The clarity and bass on offer is rather impressive, and we feel you will like these Airpods, if you do indeed decide to purchase them.

What do you think of the AirPods? Let us know!

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