Medical Device Technology in the 21st Century


There are top five medical manufacturers in the world for the past six years. Based on market sales, Johnsons and Johnsons topped for selling some of their devices like DePuy which is used for hip replacement. But the J&J Cordis Corporation which manufactures cardiovascular products, made their sales grow by 7%. With a total of $150B, the company of GE Healthcare ranks second to J&J. The GE Healthcare Technologies accelerated because of their collaboration with other companies like Alpha Innotech Corporation, Tirat Carmel and St. Paul. Another top medical device manufacturer is the Medtronic which expands there businesses for more than 120 countries. Baxter International is also in the top list, some of their partners are Nektar Therapeutics and Lioxen Technologies. In line with Baxter International is Cardinal Health which aimed 7% increase because of Cardinal’s Medical Products and reached a total of $74B of market sales. Siemens Healthcare is also one top medical manufacturer with its $115 billion in revenue.

In the year 2012, there will be even more new medical technology to be recognized. The Wireless Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor is based on radiofrequency that monitors the pulmonary artery pressure of the patient. A device designed for weak patients in open heart surgery that would reduce stroke rates is Next-generation catheter-delivered aortic valves. While a team of scientists in Pennsylvania came up with an implantable device that can be applied in parts of the patient’s body. This is also to treat abnormal heart beats. The silicon-based device can detect abnormalities in a human’s cardiac activity. Another device to be approved for the next few years is the Bio absorbable coronary stents that would prevent the late enlargement of lumen vessel and activate late stent thrombosis.

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Medical Devices That Save Lives:

Medical device technology manufacturers don’t only aim for increase of sales but also truthfully serving patients who are in need of intensive care. Talk about health care at its best. Medical companies also eye for development in the rural areas. Proper expansion must be done for the next ten years. Health is one of the most important concerns in the society today, this must be given priority. Technology came into the lives of people to make life easier and productive, it would benefit a lot to patients who are in need of health assistance. Because of medical technology, the hospital admissions are already reduced with an average of 13%. The industry of companies that manufactures medical technology increases by 5% per year. This explains that the advantages of medical device technologies outnumber its disadvantages by a lot of skeptics. The development of this industry is expected to continue and flourish for the years to come. The main purpose of this industry is to benefit both parties. Not only the patient and the companies benefit in the innovations but also the development of the countries’ economy.

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