Is Buying a Used Phone Worth It? (The Answer Is Yes!)


If you bought a top-of-the-line phone, even if you paid for it in monthly installments, of course, you’d want to hang onto it for as long as possible.

There are times, however, when you can’t put off replacing your phone any longer. When the battery drains quickly, or when no one can understand you during calls, or if the touchscreen is glitching, it may be time to say goodbye to your phone.

The question, though, is if you should invest in a new phone or if you’re better off buying a used phone. Here, we’ll talk about why it pays to get a used cell phone, plus tips to make the most of your purchase.

Buying a Used Phone Saves You Money

The chief advantage of buying a used cell phone is affordability. You can save up to 400 dollars or more when you purchase a previous generation model of a new phone. Meanwhile, if you’re buying a newish second-hand phone, the difference is about 200 dollars.

Now, these used phones may come with some cosmetic blemishes–a few dings and scratches, but you can easily hide this with a new case. Even if you splurge on your phone case, you’ll still have some money left over (unless you buy a Gresso Magnum or a London Lotus).

Mother Earth Will Thank You

Do you ever think about what happens to old cell phones and other electronic waste?

They end up in landfills, of course, slowly releasing toxic chemicals into the soil, water, and air. When you buy a used phone, you’re doing your part to reduce e-waste, which is something more people should do.

You Can Minimize Your Potential Losses

If you’re looking at phones to give to your kids, you may be worrying about how they’ll take care of their devices.

While there’s no guarantee they won’t damage their phones, you can at least take comfort in the fact that you didn’t spend a lot of money on new gadgets.

Some Things to Check When Buying a Used Phone

Now that you know some benefits of buying used cell phones be sure you’re buying from a reputable retailer. When comparing sellers, don’t just look at prices. Check if they have a return policy and if you can use their phone on your carrier.

Other things to check include the software, whether the phone was reported stolen, and the phone’s physical condition. It will also help if you know the difference between certified pre-owned models and refurbished phones.

Certified pre-owned phones are those models that resellers have tested for basic and advanced functionality. Refurbished phones, on the other hand, have newer hardware components and updated software. You can check on this site to learn more about certified pre-owned phones.

Something Old or Something New?

Buying a used phone comes with certain benefits. If you’re considering buying a used phone, be sure to research reputable retailers.

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