The Types of Licenses You Need to Open a Smartphone Repair Store


Americans spent $3.4 billion to fix their smartphone screens in 2018. Teenagers likely didn’t spend nearly as much on that.

A cracked smartphone screen is cool among teens. Cracked screens signal risk-taking and life experience to their peers.

Adults aren’t as keen on cracked screens. They make it difficult to read on the phone and don’t look that good. Many adults think they’re as ugly and in need of repair as a cracked computer or TV screen.

Those adults are your customers, but before opening a smartphone repair store, you’ll need licenses and certifications. Discover them by reading on.

Smartphone Repair Licenses

Like any other skilled profession, phone repair requires its own licenses and certifications.

There are phone repair schools dedicated exclusively to the trade. However, they don’t prepare you to take the CompTIA A+ or other certification exams. Rather, they provide their own certifications, teaching students how to diagnose and repair Android phones, iPhones, and tablets.

Most cell phone repair schools have classroom environments with hands-on instruction. Some institutions provide both online and offline learning choices.

Fees cover practice devices, parts, and everything else you need. But if you’re an online student, you may have to buy your own phone repair tools.

You can generally go through phone repair school faster than community college.

Speaking of community colleges and trade schools, many of these institutions provide cell phone repair education. They feature both hands-on and online training. Tuition probably covers all books, instruction, repair parts, tools, and practice devices.

Getting Certified

Some institutions have their own certifications. Others prepare you for the CompTIA A+ and other industry-recognized certifications.

CompTIA A+ goes beyond phone repair to include networking, computer repair, problem-solving, and operational procedures. With this certification, you’ll be able to sell more services and thus become more marketable to employers and customers alike. Earning this certification will take more time and money.

Online phone repair stores vary widely by duration, quality, and pricing. Pre-packaged, boxed courses provide no direct instructor interaction.

Many such courses offer no certifications. For industry-recognized certification, consider Apple’s four-day online course. It certifies you to repair iOS devices.

You can even get certified via phone repair franchises. For a significant investment, you can receive repair training, tried-and-true business models, and marketing support. This means of certification is ideal for the aspiring phone repair entrepreneur.

Last, there’s DIY training for phone repair. You can read books about it, watch videos online, and keep up with repair tutorials. 

Those are all the ways to get a retail certification.

The Phone Person

Smartphone repair has developed into a booming industry. As smartphones have become a near necessity, they’ve spawned a slew of cottage industries in their wake. What were once cottage industries are now full-fledged money-makers.

Mobile phone repair is an essential skill set that keeps the world going around. Whether you like it or not, phones are invaluable.

Poke around the Business section to see what else you can learn about helping people with invaluable things.

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