Should You Mount Your TV on the Wall?


Modern television screens are extremely advanced. Gone are the days when bulky television screens and cathode ray tube monitors were being used. Nowadays, modern television displays are less than a millimetre thin. The graphical fidelity of these displays has also increased considerably. 4K and OLED screens offer stunning video quality at a very affordable price. As technology has progressed, the prices have decreased considerably, too. For starters, you can easily buy a decent 55” full HD display for around 1,000 AUD.

However, if you have just bought a brand-new TV, there’s the small matter of deciding where to keep it. Most people keep their television screens atop a TV console, which is a flat piece of furniture that has a few drawers underneath. However, modern displays aren’t really designed to be kept on flat surfaces. They are designed to be mounted on walls. Even though companies sell stands along with the displays, the stand isn’t really “safe.” Due to the fact the screen is so thin, all it takes is a small nudge for the whole display to fall over. You don’t want your expensive screen falling and breaking into bits and pieces. Instead, a better option would be to mount it on the wall. Needless to say, one of the biggest advantages of mounting your screen on a wall is that there’s no risk of falling. There are many companies that offer TV wall mounting in Sydney.

The wall mount is extremely sturdy and will remain in place once the screws have been tightened. Unless you pull on the TV screen with considerable force, there’s no chance of the display falling from the wall. However, this isn’t the only benefit of mounting your TV on a wall.

Ideal for Houses with Pets

If you have a pet in the house, you are probably well aware of how wild they can be. Leave your pet alone for a while and they may end up chewing on the furniture, jumping on tables, and throwing items on the floor. Since ordinary stands aren’t really capable of keeping the screen firmly fixed on the floor, a small nudge from those tiny little paws is all it takes for the screen to fall over. You don’t want to come home and find your pet sulking around and see the broken pieces of your expensive display on the floor. It can also be harmful, especially if the screen falls on top of a child or your pet.

Better Viewing Angles

Mounted screens are generally placed at a higher elevation from the ground as compared to other displays. This increases the viewing angle of the screen, so other people in the room can also see the display. If you are going to place the screen in a central room such as the drawing room, you should get it mounted on a wall. More people will be able to see the screen without having to squint or tilt their heads at awkward angles.

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