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Importance of Industrial Automation

Have in mind that industrial automation created a revolution in the world of manufacturing, notably since it increased overall productivity while reduced the overhead expenses.

We are talking about the set of technologies that use control devices and systems such as robotics and computer software, among other things. Their main goal is to create an automatic operation of particular industrial processes without the need for human operators.

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Therefore, automation will eliminate the possibility of human error, saves time, reduces expenses, and provides you the higher performance and productivity than before.

Most Common Industrial Automation Tools

You need to know that automation requires a wide array of tools to maintain the overall productivity and handle everything without expensive downtime.

We are talking about numerous control systems that use different devices as well as systems that will affect all aspects of the manufacturing process.

The basic tools for achieving this particular process include:

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) – You should know that a programmable logic controller is a digital industrial computer that can withstand harsh industrial conditions. It features computer control systems with an idea to handle automation operations during the production processes. Remember that the PLC will constantly receive information from inputs and monitor them, process the received data, and as a result, trigger the output device depending on the programming. This operationuses the features with an idea to complete the overall automation process by using particular machinery within your industry.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) – This particular system is the best way to monitor and receive real-time data from industrial processes. Have in mind that it tends to receive and acquire everything instantaneously, which will allow you the ability to interact with various devices including PLCs, sensors and record events inside the log files. Generally, it is a common addition to industrial manufacturing because it provides the most accurate data analysis so that you can create the relevant decisions that will affect and improve future processes.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) –When it comes to HMI, you will get a software application that will provide you the ability to create communication and interaction between the human operator and connected machine within the production system. You will get the necessary addition to industrial automation that translated complex data into accessible information. That way, you can implement the high-end production processes and create more effective control systems than before.
  • ANN (Artificial Neural Network) – Have in mind that an ANN is a computing system that features similar functions as the human brain but within the industrial automation. Therefore, you can get the network of interconnected neuron nodes that will simulate the ability to process data and information and analyze different processes within the line.
  • DCS (Distributed Control System) – This particular system is the central monitoring network that will create communication between numerous interconnected devices. The main goal is to implement and control various elements within a single automated system.
  • Robotics – Finally, robots are effective additions to industrial automation, especially since they can perform numerous tasks in various situations. They can easily handle dangerous situations that would be problematic for human operators. Therefore, you will get improved quality, production flow, as well as safety for employees. At the same time, robots will provide you additional convenience and handle various applications.

Importance of Programmable Logic Controller in Industrial Automation

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, PLCs are robust and rugged industrial computers that operate as standalone units with an idea to automate and monitor numerous processes based on the programming.

You can also interconnect them to increase the data flow and effectiveness, which will ultimately help you create a more efficient production line than before.

Remember that you can easily adapt them to control numerous actuators and sensors, including processing electrical signals and carrying programmed commands for numerous applications.

You should know that you could use them in industrial automation with an idea to increase overall system stability, reliability, as well as performance.

At the same time, you can minimize the need for human operators, which will affect the overall expenses you need to make afterward.

Advantages of Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Reduced Space – You should have in mind that most of them are solid devices that are compact so that you can reduce the overall production space without affecting productivity and efficiency. They are much more convenient than hard-wired controllers or other mechanical relays used back in the day.
  • High Reliability and Durability – We have stated above that they are sturdy and rugged, which means that you will not be able to damage them at all. At the same time, they are effective enough to handle the industrial environment without causing production downtime, which may lead to severe expenses.

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  • Economical – Since the probability for defects and other issues are significantly low, you can rest assured and use them for years after purchase. Of course, you need to spare for a single investment, but it is much better than other automation controllers such as an industrial PC that has lower durability in general. At the same time, the effectiveness you will get for its price tag makes it one of the most economical controller types that you can find on the market.
  • Energy Saving – Finally, you should know that it is much more efficient when it comes to energy consumption than other controls such as mechanical relays. Therefore, after spending an initial investment, you will be able to save the overhead and additional expenses that come with it.
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