5 Ways to Keep Your Blog Current From Your Smartphone


Inspiration strikes when it wants to, and not always during moments that are convenient for you. When you run a blog, being away from your computer when you find inspiration for a new blog post can be stressful. Instead of trying to remember what you’re going to write about until you make it to your laptop, use your phone. Text-heavy posts on phones don’t work so well, so try a few alternatives that will still allow you to update your blog and share your passions with your followers.

Create Short Posts

When posting from your smartphone, a long-written blog entry is a bad idea. It is not worth the amount of time it’ll take you to craft it, not to mention the formatting and typo headaches you’ll run into. Instead, when you come across something you want to share with your followers, craft a mini-post around the idea.

Many blog readers check their favorite sites via their smartphones, which means that creating short blog posts caters specifically to your smartphone readers. Small posts are easy to read via smartphone screens, and they’re simple to create, too. Keep your bloggers updated without investing too much time in crafting a blog post. Simply pair a link, a song, or a picture with a few lines of text, and your mini-post is ready.

Interact With Comments

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Your daily public transit commute, standing in line at the grocery store, or waiting at the doctor’s office are perfect times to reply to a few comments on your latest blog post. Replying to comments takes less time than updating your blog; just focus on one at a time, and commit to knocking out a few replies during your day’s downtimes.

Smartphone screen time is perfect for moderating your blog’s comments, too. Read through for spam, approve recent comments, or check out first-time visitors’ comments.

Post Pictures

You may come across new inspiration for your blog while you’re on vacation or even just exploring a new part of your city. Don’t lose that inspiration by waiting until you get to your laptop to create a blog post about it. Instead, a photo-based post is the perfect way to blog about what you’ve just experienced, and all you need is your smartphone.

Even if you’re not a smartphone photography master, you can share some amazing photos with your blog followers. Pictures that are relevant to your blog’s theme provide great material for simple updates. Take bright, sharp photos with the new Galaxy S7 using its 12MP dual-pixel camera, and with T-Mobile’s fast 4G/LTE network to upload them in a snap. Add an appealing title and engaging captions under each photo to make the post cohesive.

Use Saved Posts in Your Schedule

Craft an arsenal of evergreen content and save it in draft form on your blog. When you realize you’ve forgotten to update on one of your typical blogging days, pull out an evergreen blog article and post it straight from your phone. Planning ahead saves you the guilt of not posting when you say you will, and it saves you the headache of trying to type a post on your phone.

Use Blogging Apps

The site you use for your blog probably has an app; WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr certainly do. Download the app so you can interact with your blog easily via your phone. Blogging apps make it simple to post text, pictures, videos, and other content.

Then, conduct research to monitor how your blog is doing. Download a traffic analysis app like Google Analytics and use your phone to follow the traffic your posts generate. You can also pre-schedule posts through your blogging app and experiment with the best time of day to update.

Smartphones make taking care of blog maintenance easier than you may have imagined. Posting pictures and small posts is simple with the right app and a high-quality smartphone. It’s easy to manage certain other aspects of your blog from your phone, too. Without as much dependence on your laptop, you may not have to put your blog on hold the next time you travel or face a busy week at work.

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