Pros and Cons of a Bluetooth Keyboard


Bluetooth Keyboard is a great but expensive alternative to the traditional USB keyboard that comes with a desktop. It gives you a versatile keyboard that can be easily connected to different types of devices such as a tablet, laptop, desktop, phone, television etc that support Bluetooth connectivity. Some of the latest Bluetooth keyboards such as Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 can easily switch from one device to another without needing to repair it with the new device.

You can consider buying a Bluetooth Keyboard if you:

  1. Have Multiple Devices to Connect: If you want to use a keyboard for a single device such as a desktop or laptop, a Bluetooth Keyboard is not very useful. However, it is extremely useful for someone who has a lot of devices. It allows you to use a single keyboard that can work with every device without needing to plug it.
  2. Travel Frequently: A normal keyboard is not easy to carry because of the wires that can get entangled. A Bluetooth keyboard, on the other hand is easier to carry as they do not have any wire. Moreover, some of the Keyboard such as Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue that comes with a unique split design that allows it to fit in lesser space.
  3. Want some Flexibility: One of the greatest advantages of a Bluetooth Keyboard is that you can use it from anywhere irrespective of the location of the connecting device. A Bluetooth Keyboard can be connected to any device in the range of 30 feet which is enough even for a reasonably large room. You can sit on a couch or bed and control any of the devices via wireless keyboard from any corner of the room.

Limitations of a Bluetooth Keyboard

In spite of all the advantages that come with a Bluetooth keyboard, there are some factors that make them less popular. Some of the main limitations are as follows:

  1. Less durable: It can never match normal USB keyboards when it comes to durability. They have a comparatively shorter life. They also need to be handled with more care as they are fragile.
  2. Costly: Cost is one of the main factors that make Bluetooth keyboards less popular. A decent Keyboard costs at least double as compared to a normal USB keyboard. You would not want to spend on something that is less durable. A fully featured Keyboard can easily cost more than four times the normal keyboard.
  3. Requires frequent charging: All Bluetooth devices require charging to power them. A Bluetooth Keyboard is no different. Moreover, the battery of a Keyboard drains out very quickly as it requires more power than some of the other Bluetooth devices. Thus, you would need to charge your keyboard frequently.
  4. Less comfortable: It has a different design and working mechanism. Most of the Bluetooth keyboards are membrane keyboards requiring about 70 grams of force to type a character. One the other hand, a good mechanical keyboard requires just 35 grams of force. Thus, you can need double effort to work with a Bluetooth keyboard.
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