Protect Your Phone Before Sending to Repair Shop


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Mobile Phone Repairs Perth recommends you to protect and back up your data. This must be done before you send your phone to repair shop. Here are steps you should follow to backup and wipe the data from your phones.

Sending Your iPhone for Repair

If your iPhone needs to be repaired, follow these steps to make sure your data is protected.

Back Up Data

If you are using iCloud, you can easily backup your files by going to Settings> iCloud. Then go to storage and backup option and click Backup Now. On the other hand, if you are using iTunes, you must simply connect to iTunes and backup the files.

Wipe Data

Before wiping you must back up your data. In order to wipe the phone, you have to go to Settings> General. In general, you have to go to Reset and click the Erase All Content and Setting. As a result of this, your phone will go back to factory defaults.

Sending an Android Phone for Repair

For backing up data you can use Android Backup Service, it is connected to you Google Account.

Backing Up

With the just one tap, you can sync everything. You have to go to Settings> Accounts. Select the Google account you want to save everything you want to. You have to tick the boxes that you wish to sync.

Wiping Data

For wiping the data you just have to factory reset your phone. You must to go to Settings> Backup & reset> Factory reset data and then click reset the phone.

In Android, after factory reset the data still can be retrieved. So you must encrypt your data, even if someone tries to access it, the data will be meaningless.

All you have to do is go to Settings> Security> Encrypt phone.

Sending Windows Phone for Repair

Windows 8 and latest models allow you to save your backups online. You need a Microsoft account for this. You might even need OneDrive account for saving videos and photos.

Backing Up

  • You must go to Settings> Backup> App list and Settings> Backup> On. Click back up now to start backing up.
  • In order to backup text messages, go to Settings> Backup> Text messages> Text message backup> On.
  • As far as saving videos and photos is concerned, go to Settings> Backup> Photos. Then under both, the headings choose good or best quality.

Wiping Data

First, you have to go to Settings then in system menu select About. At the end, you will find Rest you phone. Click on it and you will get the first warning, you must select yes. After this, you will get a second warning, click Yes.

Therefore, Mobile Phone Repairs Perth is the best repair service. Their technicians are experienced and skilled that can handle any problem and repair your phone. They offer you a warranty for hardware repairs up to 3 months. So if your phone is troubling you, submit the form and they get back to you shortly.

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