Search Engine Reputation Management: Lat-V


Lat-V is a company that creates music equipment and they have requested services from search engine reputation management to help create a strong online presence in search results as well as on social media sites. This company started in 1970, they specialized in electric guitars and basses. They never sold major brand names such as Fender or ESP, they only sold custom made gear. They had a very intelligent team of engineers who had a passion for music and depending on what the customer wanted, they built it for them. Anyone was able to purchase a guitar or bass for either $100 or a $10,000, it all depended on what you wanted in the guitar. The price of the guitars depended on the materials and sound boards used as well as the man hours that were put into the project. If a customer required a guitar made from a rare wood that is extremely dense and hard to bend the shape for a guitar, this would require capital for purchasing the material and the time needed from labour. In the early 90’s, they did start to sell other instruments and accessories from major brands. They realized not everyone can afford a custom made guitar or bass so they decided to take a semi-typical music store strategy. They stared to sell major brand names such as Fender, Gibson, ESP and many more. They also expanded to selling drums, keyboards, and microphones. Lat-V was following with the times and they were more than surviving; they were thriving. The combination of custom made gear and popular gear already there, their revenue stream was in constant growth. However, in 2016, their revenue was at an all time low and they needed an idea to get back on track so they decided to seek help from search engine reputation management. They noticed that Lat-V wasn’t keeping up with music stores such as Long and McQuade, and Steves music store. They instructed Lat-V that they needed to evolve like the other music stores. The only option they had was to offer music lessons and open up a repair shop.

The interesting thing is that they always had the repair shop but it was never advertised so many people over the years were not aware of their services. Search engine reputation management services noticed they needed to create an online presence with a strong website that stated all the services they provided. Over time Lat-V started to notice the changes began to work. More people were coming to the store and many of them learned about the store through social media, which they never bothered to create a profile. That one profile generated about $800,000 of pure profit.

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