This Military Flashlight Will Change Your Life for Good


Owning a military flashlight that can come handy in particular situations is really important, not only for outdoor but for indoor use as well. Living in a world full of terror we need to own some kind of tool to save ourselves in particular situations. And because the law doesn’t allow us to own weapons for emergency situations we need another kind of gadget to save ourselves and our families.

Thankfully there are every day’s advancements in technology from mobile phones to believe it or not – flashlights. There are military gadgets that we don’t know that they even exist and are pure wonders – made for combat.

I have recently found out about a flashlight called G700. It is one of the best tactical flashlights in the world so far. It has amazing features that no other flashlight has ever had; it is simply more than just an ordinary hand held electric used to assist you with lighting.

This G700 is a beast. It has an ability to produce an incredible lighting and has a body designed for military actions and you can imagine how powerful it is. This is true since the tool is made for the US army in the first place.

It is especially made with a material used only for the purposes of NASA and the US army. The material is used for aircraft – it is aircraft aluminum. According to the manufacturers the G700 is indestructible. Some say you can even run over it with your car and it will still work.

Regarding the design, there is also another great part about it – It has a waterproof body. This feature is excellent to use the flashlight in rainy days and do the job right without worrying that it will happen something to it or it will break. This is excellent for having some fun as well. If you consider yourself a scuba-diver or you simply like to explore the underwater world then this is a flashlight that is a must for you. It can go 100 meters under the water which gives you a great opportunity to start exploring what is hidden in the underwater world.

What is also great about the G700 is the self-defense part. The flashlight is designed in a way that it is extremely useful in those situations to defend yourself with the fact that it has sharp tips. Those tips are capable enough of neutralizing an enemy.

Regarding the self-defense, there is also a telescoping high-end lamp glass that is strong enough to disorient an enemy because it has a blinding effect. This feature is actually really useful to defend from attackers, and it can be specifically handy for women. As long as you are having the G700 Flashlight, put it in your purse and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, it has 5 different modes for focus and each has its benefits. There is one for emergency situations – SOS. Whenever you are in trouble you just need to make an SOS signal or blink several times. These blinking signals are made for the police to recognize them and come to your rescue if you need them. There is one for producing a continuous light and another one for strobe light. There is also one focus mode for producing a full power and the last one is for medium. The best part about the focus modes is that whichever you decide to use, they save the battery life.

 The battery, unlike for the other ordinary flashlights is rechargeable. This means that you won’t have to change batteries ever again and say goodbye to the boring battery changing once and for all. There are two ways of powering its double AA batteries. The first one is to plug it on a charger via a USB flash drive and then you just wait to be fully charged. In less than an hour will be read to use for your needs. The other way of powering it is via the car adapter. The adapter comes together with the packaging and as the name says it is made strictly for car usage and it is really helpful while you are on your way to work or on the way to your next amazing trip.

What makes the flashlight more astonishing is the durability of the battery. According to my latest research, this amazing feature is the most useful of all. For example there are several cases in a year in America where happens power loss and sometimes they last for 4 hours. This is the exact situation where the flashlight can be of powerful use due to the fact it has an ability of producing a light for an amazing 72 hours without ever going off. This feature makes it the most durable flashlight in the world.

The technology used for the G700 has also a huge part in the production of the flashlight. This in fact is how the brand new portable hand-held electric light got its name in the first place. It has an incredible 700 lumens of power, which makes it 7 times more powerful all the other regular flashlights available on the market for home use and as I may say – in the world.

The most important part when buying a flashlight for your own sake is the lens quality. As I mentioned above, this one is high-performance and has a high-end telescopic glass which gives it an incredible 1200 hours of light.

Knowing this information about the flashlight, there are people that still come to confusion when it comes to buying a flashlight. This is due to the fact that there are cheaper versions on Amazon and eBay available and by default they are always choosing what’s cheaper.

The reason why are those versions cheaper is that they use old LED bulbs. The manufacturers used new revolutionary technology for this one – they replaced the old LED diodes with LED chips. This is a huge difference between the two versions. If you want you can visit and read the reviews written by the customers as well as on Amazon or you can try both versions and see the difference yourself.

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