TTSPY, Which Builds Software to Monitoring on iPhone and Android Phone


TTSPY is an Android and iOS supported software that allows its users to monitor the doings and practices of another person who use smartphones. TTSPY monitoring app is able to effectively hack other people’s phones to monitor them because of its amazing features and the level of the proximity with our phones in this 21st century. We now do almost everything on our phones. We buy goods through phones, watch movies, have meetings e.t.c, on phones. Your targets may either be your employees or your children. Imagine how efficient you will be in decision making in your enterprise if you have the opportunity to track your employee’s attitudes at work or what your children are up to when you are not together. TTSPY is the best software to ensure transparency.

Features of TTSPY

TTSPY premium version allows you to target multiple devices. Before you can monitor your children or employees, e.t.c, using TTSPY, you need to secretly access their phones because the app is meant to be installed on their phones before you can monitor. Whoever you install the app on his/her device will never know until you tell it out. It is hidden software that has no icon to showcase. It sinks into the mobile device’s system, secretly records and upload all data on the mobile phone or tablet, and toss it over to your online control panel.

TTSPY allows you to capture all text messages, both incoming and outgoing, that take place on your target devices. Also, there a dedicated WhatsApp hacker that will make you to successfully hack KIK to know what they do on WhatsApp. TTSPY has microphone and camera features you can actually activate. Moreover, with this software, you can capture your victim’s email ID and password with the help of innovative Keylogger feature.

How to Install/Setup TTSPY


Before installing from your play store app, Open your play store app> click “menu” > scroll down and click “play protect”> disable “scan device for security threat” done! Follow the normal installation process and install.

Configuration and Registration/logging in

Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions. Activate “Administrator rights” to enable features like “Lock Device Screen”, “Set Lock-Screen Password, e.t.c.

Go to settings > Click “Device admin” > “Activate device administrator” click “activate” at the bottom, by the right on your screen.

Go back settings, click “Screen Capture Permission” > click “whitelist from battery optimization” >click yes from the pop-up message.

“Settings”> Capture WhatsApp/social msgs” mark the box and press “continue”

Repeat the same process for “Application usage”

If you already have previously registered with TTSPY, supply your login details and sign in. However, if the reverse is the case, simply registered with your valid email address and set your password. Verification is necessary after a successful registration.

Log in and enable GPS location. Also, put on “location services”.


With TTSPY software, you can excellently track the practices of your employees, children and interested targets. This will assist you in making decisions as regards what they do when you are not with them. Amazing features loaded in the software make it possible for you to fully have your target mobile and the installation process is simple and straight forward contact us. if you have any questions. We are ready to assist you. Trusting is good, but getting actual fact is better.

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